Think and Grow Rich – som MP3 fil

Har du hørt om Napoleon Hill og hans klassiske selvudviklingsbog “Think and Grow Rich“.

Det var den forfatteren til “Tal og bliv rig”, Ron Holland havde læst 100 gange og stadig fandt ny inspiration i.

Den kan nu fås som MP3 lydfil for 8€. (Jeg betalte også moms via Paypal).

Var det noget. Den er på engelsk. Læs gerne følgende og se videre på linket i teksten.

White Dove Books is announcing a really exciting new
development concerning the Motivational Classic – Think and
Grow Rich.

As you know, this book has been responsible for creating more
millionaires than any other Philosophy of Achievement. As of today,
we have acquired the rights to offer the complete unabridged work,
in professionally recorded, CD Quality, MP3 audio.

*  It’s the classic of all classics – Harvey Mackay

* I must’ve read it 20 times – Michael Flatley

* I read it every two or three years – Daymond John

* The book that changed my life – Tom Hess

Getting the book in MP3 format means you can listen to it in the
car, on your PC or MP3 Player – or even burn it to CD.

Oh yes, and as you may know,  White Dove Books are famous for providing value – and
this introductory offer is no exception.

Think and Grow Rich

Get your copy of Think and Grow Rich in MP3 audio – suitable for
both Mac and PC users.

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